CORSP Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V).

Current Open Positions
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Job TitleCountyBuildingFull Year / Part YearCity
CookGreeneFairborn - KLPFull YearFairborn
Cook AssistantGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Driver/Driver in TrainingGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Family AdvocateLoganBenjamin Logan - KLPFull YearBellefontaine
Family AdvocateShelbySidney - KLPFull YearSidney
Floater Teacher AssistantAuglaizeSt. Mary's KLPPart YearSt. Marys
Floater Teacher AssistantMiamiPiqua - KLPPart YearPiqua
Floater Teacher AssistantLoganBenjamin Logan - KLPPart YearBellefontaine
Floater Teacher AssistantGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Floater Teacher AssistantMiamiPiqua - KLPFull YearPiqua
Floater Teacher AssistantShelbySidney - KLPPart YearSidney
Floater Teacher AssistantGreeneFairborn - KLPPart YearFairborn
Floater Teacher AssistantGreeneFairborn - KLPPart YearFairborn
Floater Teacher AssistantLoganBellefontaine - KLPFull YearBellefontaine
Home VisitorDarkeGreenville - KLPFull YearGreenville
Home VisitorAuglaizeWapakoneta BuildingFull YearWapakoneta
Infant/Toddler Teacher AssistantChampaignUrbana North - KLPFull YearUrbana
Office Assistant IDarkeGreenville Third StreetFull YearGreenville
Preschool Teacher AssistantShelbySidney - KLPPart YearSidney
Preschool Teacher AssistantMiamiWest Milton BuildingPart YearWest Milton
Preschool Teacher AssistantDarkeUnion City BuildingPart YearUnion City
Student Substitute Teacher Assistant (Multiple Locations)Full YearAll Locations
Substitute CookAuglaizeWapakoneta BuildingPart YearWapakoneta
Substitute Teacher Assistant (Multiple Locations)Full YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Childcare AssistantFull YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Infant/Toddler ClassroomFull YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Office AssistantMiamiPiqua Central OfficeFull YearPiqua
Volunteer - Office Assistant/ReceptionFull YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Preschool ClassroomFull YearAll Locations