CORSP Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V).

Current Open Positions
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Job TitleCountyBuildingFull Year / Part YearCity
Family AdvocateShelbySidney - KLPFull YearSidney
Floater Teacher AssistantLoganBellefontaine - KLPFull YearBellefontaine
Substitute Teacher Assistant (Multiple Locations)Full YearAll Locations
Student Substitute Teacher Assistant (Multiple Locations)Full YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Preschool ClassroomFull YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Office Assistant/ReceptionFull YearAll Locations
Family AdvocateLoganBellefontaine - KLPFull YearBellefontaine
Student FloaterChampaignUrbana North - KLPFull YearUrbana
Volunteer - Office AssistantMiamiPiqua Central OfficeFull YearPiqua
Volunteer - Infant/Toddler ClassroomFull YearAll Locations
Volunteer - Childcare AssistantFull YearAll Locations
Infant/Toddler Teacher AssistantMiamiPiqua - KLPFull YearPiqua
Infant/Toddler Teacher AssistantChampaignUrbana North - KLPFull YearUrbana
Infant/Toddler Teacher AssistantShelbySidney - KLPFull YearSidney
Infant/Toddler Head TeacherMiamiPiqua - KLPFull YearPiqua
Floater Teacher AssistantShelbySidney - KLPPart YearSidney
Driver/Driver-in-TrainingGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Preschool Teacher AssistantAuglaizeSt. Mary's KLPPart YearSt. Marys
Floater Teacher AssistantLoganBenjamin Logan - KLPPart YearBellefontaine
Preschool Teacher AssistantShelbySidney - KLPPart YearSidney
Floater Teacher AssistantGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Preschool Teacher AssistantDarkeUnion City BuildingPart YearUnion City
Floater Teacher AssistantGreeneFairborn - KLPPart YearFairborn
Substitute CookAuglaizeWapakoneta BuildingPart YearWapakoneta
Preschool Teacher AssistantLoganBellefontaine - KLPPart YearBellefontaine
Preschool Teacher AssistantGreeneXenia - KLPPart YearXenia
Driver/Driver in TrainingLoganBenjamin Logan - KLPPart YearBellefontaine
Student FloaterMiamiPiqua - KLPPart YearPiqua
Floater Teacher AssistantMiamiPiqua - KLPPart YearPiqua
Cook AssistantMiamiPiqua - KLPPart YearPiqua
Preschool Teacher AssistantLoganBellefontaine - KLPPart YearBellefontaine